We strive to offer the most assertive office furniture choices for your office and home by bringing comfort and durability to your work environment.

We create solutions with our young and dynamic team who improve themselves according to the universal standards and expectations of the customers.

With durable, long-lasting, and functional product types responding to every style and need, we are here for the office workers to find solutions regarding elegance and durability in Sandino.

Our primary goal is to be the supporting power behind your success throughout the day.


We give more importance to the durability of our products than anything else. We manage all the processes from providing raw material to helping the product to meet the customer by carefully selecting all visible and invisible pieces.


The needlework in the production of the office chairs requires fine manual labor, and these processes are irreversible. The aesthetic of furniture is implicit in manual labor. We believe that aesthetic is substantial in the office furniture that reflects the soul of your office, and we elaborately take care of every step from production to sales.


Technology and manual labor establish the main framework of Sandino. Since our establishment, we have been serving according to the needs of office workers, with a punctual and flawless production policy that meets the expectations. We design office furniture by not only paying attention to the needs of our customers but also paying attention to the needs of their bodies.


For many years, we combine the experiences we gained with our mastery by bringing technology and manual labor together. On our path to be a global brand, we supply products to the global markets by skillfully using quality, quality assurance, and quality inspection systems.

We elaborately put our perfect signature to our designs with the hand-made details we embroider on office furniture.

We know that beauty is in the details and indwelling details require mastery.

Sandino contains all the solutions you need in the name of aesthetics and durability that will form indispensable parts of your office.

Sandino, which gives an aesthetic touch to your working environments and provides durability, energy, and motivation with office furniture, helps you create places that reflect your taste with the diversity of products.

All operational details you need are included in long-lasting and functional office furniture decorated with aesthetic lines with spectacular models.

Sandino office furniture, which contains quality, attention, perfection in the details and meets all the needs with durable construction, improves the office workers' job quality.

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