"Production in Sandino with Data"

Sandino took Its place in the sector with Its factory established in Oymaağaç / Kayseri location in 1990. Sandino empowered that place in the sector under the management of Mustafa Ok in 2010. Sandino updated Its vision of being a global brand with international trade relations in 2015. With two different manufacturing facilities in Kayseri, Sandino has the vision of being a global market with more than 15 import points, particularly Holland, Germany, Italy, France, Iraq, Palestine, Azarbaijan, and Libya.


Annual Furniture Production Capacity 


Export Points

10000 m²

Production Area



Sandino creates deliberate sustainable designs by focusing on the needs of office workers thanks to the experience It gained in the sector for the last 30 years. Production techniques and methods based on productivity and endurance develop further by following technological changes to reach higher standards.

Sandino, which adopts being a global brand as a principle, strives to produce durable and comfortable products. Thereby, Sandino meets the expectations of office workers. Sandino performs perfection-oriented production with quality inspection, quality assurance, and total quality systems that technology and meticulousness constitute the main framework.